About Industries Department

Our Mission

Sustainable Socio- Economic Development of the people of the State of AJ&K, through industrial and commercial activities.


Development of industrial infrastructure to attract investment in AJ&K.

our vision

Provision of facilities and financial incentives to attract investors in AJ&K,


  • Planning and Development of Industries including;
  • Industrial research, training and control,
  • Industrial research, training and control,
  • Loans and subsidies to industries.
  • Control on prices and distribution of civil supplies.
  • Industrial exhibitions within the country and survey of industries,
  • Trade and commerce within the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Including Government
  • Commercial Undertakings, trade control capital, registration of Accountants, Partnership Act, Merchandise Marks Act, trade condition reports, trade enquiries and agreements.
  • Chambers and Association of Commerce and Industry.
  • Presenting to Government Schemes for establishment of industries for approval.
  • Implementing and executing the schemes approved by the government.
  • Taking over, managing and running such industries as Government may from time to time decide to hand over to Board.
  • Participating in national and international fairs and exhibitions.
  • Undertaking such other functions as are necessary for the successful execution and management of the industries.
  • Handloom marketing.
  • All cases relating to Explosives/Boilers/ Patents & Designs Acts.
  • Registration of Companies, Firms, Societies.